MapImagery and MapImagery Professional
smallpro.jpg (23187 bytes)MapImagery is a free plugin for MapInfo users that provides tools making it easier to use imagery within MapInfo Professional.   MapImagery supports a wide range of raster image formats and makes it simpler to use these formats within MapInfo Professional by automatically extracting registration information, where this is available.

MapImagery has strong support for working with ECW compressed images and Image Web Server URL images.  In addition, MapImagery enables ER Mapper algorithms, prepared via ER Mapper or MapImagery Professional, to be displayed, and integrated with vector information, within MapInfo Professional.

MapImagery Professional is an upgrade to MapImagery, that provides an advanced set of raster tools, usually only available in high cost dedicated image processing products.    MapImagery Professional can be used for preparing, adjusting and enhancing imagery, for use within MapInfo Professional based applications. 

The additional features of MapImagery Professional can be activated via the entry of a software key, which can be purchased from the MapImagery web site or from Earth Resource Mapping.

Both MapImagery and MapImagery Professional use proven ER Mapper technology as a basis, so you can depend on their quality and strength. What this also provides is an upgrade path for power users, to the leading professional imaging product, ER Mapper.

Compatibility with a whole range of free imaging plug-ins also makes it simple to integrate MapImagery and MapImagery Professional into your organization wide GIS strategy.  [More Info]

 ECW for MapInfo
smallecw.jpg (19991 bytes)ECW for MapInfo is a free raster handler plugin for MapInfo and MapX, developed by MapImagery, which enables MapInfo to read ECW, compressed images.

ECW is a wavelet compression standard developed by Earth Resource Mapping that provides high quality image compression.

Many data and software vendors are adopting ECW as their standard image compression technique. [More Info]

 On-line Licensing system
smalllic.jpg (17842 bytes)Our software is protected by a software-based licensing system.   All it takes to turn an evaluation version of our products into the licensed version is a special code entered in the "Licensing dialog" box.

From the MapImagery on-line licensing pages, you can order new copies of our products, download licenses that   you have purchased, and store licenses you are not currently using. [More Info]

 On-line Help
smallhelp.jpg (26644 bytes)The most up to date version of the on-line help for MapImagery, MapImagery Professional and ECW for MapInfo can now be found on-line on the MapImagery web at the links shown below. 

These documents contain usefull hints on how to use the applications, information on obtaining support and software update, and a log of changes between the different versions.[More Info]