What's with the Password?

This allows you to prevent hackers from getting at your records in our database.   This field is optional (unless you are a reseller) because, practically speaking, all a hacker can do is:

  1. Swipe any licenses that you haven't downloaded yet
  2. Foul up your information

As to #1, we will replace any licenses that get stolen.  As to #2, yeah, this could be a hassle, but again, we have to deal with the brunt of the inconvenience.

When and if these get to be a hassle, we will implement mandatory passwords.   Right now, if you download all your licenses soon after you purchase them, there really isn't much a hacker could do to you.  Furthermore, given the limits to the damage possible, it would seem that we would be doing society a favor by getting hackers to foul up this system, rather than having them spend their time working over systems of greater importance...

So should I put one on anyway?

This isn't to say that putting a password on your customer ID isn't a good thing.   It will work fine, providing that you don't forget it.  To that end, MapImagery will store your password.  Note that it is stored in clear text, and all the password entry screens here are in clear text, rather than the old starred-out field approach.  We don't use the starred password fields because they are harder to use and the only people who might be peeking over your shoulder will probably need to know what the password is anyway.

Setting up a password

If you don't have a password and you enter a password in the "Password" field of your "MapImagery Licensing Dialog" box, then press "Go to the on-line licensing system", then download a license, the password will be set as your default password.  You can change your password either from the customer information screen or from hyperlinks on many of the pages specific to your customer ID.