ECW for MapInfo


ECW for MapInfo is a raster handler plugin for MapInfo Professional and MapX, developed by MapImagery, which enables these products to read ECW, compressed images.

ECW is a wavelet compression standard developed by Earth Resource Mapping that provides high quality image compression. Many data and software vendors are adopting ECW as their standard image compression technique.

In addition to local, or network server ECW files, ECW for MapInfo allows you to display Image Web Server images from Internet or Intranet servers.

ECW for MapInfo is distributed in 2 different ways.  As part of MapImagery, a MapInfo Professional image analysis plugin, from MapImagery Limited.  And as a stand-alone product, which is included on the MapInfo Professional  and MapX CDROMs, under utilities.

MapImagery has a free version, and a low cost commercial version with extra features. Both the free and commercial versions have some GUI features making it easier to work with ECW images. Both versions can be downloaded from the MapImagery web page.

Download and Install

The ECW for MapInfo is distributed as a self extracting executable archive. To install ECW for MapInfo under Windows 95 or Windows NT (or later) perform the following steps:

Make sure you have MapInfo Professional 5.0 or later installed on your PC.

Unless you have a very good reason, it is better to download the MapImagery self extracting archive, rather than the ECW for MapInfo one, as MapImagery is a superset of  ECW for MapInfo , providing a useful GUI for working with ECW images..

Download the latest MapImagery self extracting distribution file from  MapImagery Download (6 megabytes).  If you just want  ECW for MapInfo, this is available as a separate download, as well as being part of MapImagery from here ECW for MapInfo Download (1.18 megabytes).  Note that the version numbers on these download archives relate to the internal version numbering of MapImagery products, and not to MapInfo version numbers.

Run the downloaded file by typing its name at a dos prompt, or double clicking on its icon in a file manager. After unzipping the files, the installation program will run, and will guide you through the installation process.

Follow the setup program instructions. You will be asked for the location of your MapInfo software (for example, C:\MAPINFO) and for the location to install MapImagery

Further Information

Read the ECW for MapInfo Help installed as part of the installation for more information.  This can also be found on-line at the MapImagery web page here