ECW for MapInfo Help
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Welcome to the ECW for MapInfo on-line Help. This Help file provides the basic information you need to start using ECW for MapInfo.

ECW for MapInfo is a raster handler plugin for MapInfo Professional and MapInfo MapX, developed by MapImagery, , which enables MapInfo Professional and products based on MapInfo MapX to read ECW and JP2, compressed images.

ECW is a wavelet compression standard developed by Earth Resource Mapping that provides high quality image compression. Many data and software vendors are adopting ECW as their standard image compression technique.

In addition to local, or network server ECW and JP2 files, ECW for MapInfo allows you to display Image Web Server images from Internet or Intranet servers.

ECW for MapInfo is distributed in 2 different ways.  As part of MapImagery, a MapInfo image analysis plugin, from MapImagery Pty Ltd.  As a stand-alone product, which is uncluded on the MapInfo Professional  CDROM, and other MapInfo CDROMs, under utilities.

MapImagery has a free version, and a low cost commercial version with extra features.  Both the free and commercial versions have  GUI features making it easier to work with ECW and JP2 images.  For more information, or to download a fully functional demonstration of MapImagery Professional, see the MapImagery web page at

This document has the following sections:

Installation and Configuration
Opening Local ECW or JP2 files in MapInfo Professional
Opening Image Web Server URL images in MapInfo Professional
Using MapImagery to generate registered .tab files for ECW or JP2
Obtaining Updates to the Software
How to Report Bugs and Obtain Support
Log of Changes between Versions
Frequently asked Questions