Log of Changes between Versions
Version Date Change
7200 29/04/2007 This version contains enhanced  support for JPEG2000 images, including support for rendering local JPEG2000 files, improved support for image web server JPEG2000 images, and support for rendering JPEG2000 alpha layers as a transparency (both local and image web server).

The new JPEG2000 transparency support, which is a feature only available to licensed users of MapImagery Lite and MapImagery Professional, provides the ability to recognise an alpha layer within a JPEG2000 image, and render this layer as transparent within MapInfo.  This feature is particularly useful for viewing a mosaic of images that overlap, as the alpha layer can be used to mask out those areas of an image that contain bad data.

A new image header file format .MIR (MapImagery Raster) has been created to facilitate support of JPEG2000 transparency and support for rendering of local JPEG2000 files.   This file format replaces the .URL files which were generated by previous releases of MapImagery (Note that URL files will continue to be supported by the raster handler, however .MIR files will be generated by the MapImagery GUI, rather than URL files). 

From the example .MIR file listing shown below you can see that the file contains a URL, and in additional other information specifying how the image should be rendered, in this case "Alpha" options on how the JPEG2000 alpha layer should be rendered.

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<MapImageryRaster xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance"


This new image header format will form the basis of various future enhancements to MapImagery, enabling greater control over the display of ECW and JPEG2000 images within MapImagery.

A new MapImagery options dialog has been created for controlling JPEG2000 alpha transparency.  This dialog controls the transparency behaviour of both the raster handler and the MapImagery GUI.   It is possible to switch off transparency support temporarily via this dialog.   It is also possible to change the colour, used to communicate transparency between the MapImagery raster handler and MapInfo.   Usually this is not necessary, as the default is fine for the vast majority of images.

The MapImagery user interface has been changed to reflect the support for JP2000 files.  In places where the ECW extension appeared in the past, now both the ECW and JP2 extension appear.   For example the main menu entry that used to read 'Open ECW Image...' now reads 'Open ECW or JP2 Image...'.

A section has been added to the online help on JPEG2000 alpha transparency support.  This section can be found here:


This release also contains various minor bug fixes and reliability enhancements and also includes the most recent ECW and ER Mapper raster engine support libraries.

7000 30/03/2006 This version includes a newer release of the ECW runtime and raster handlers, which provides support for streaming Jpeg 2000 images from an image web server.  Also support has been added to the user interface to make it simple to create a .tab file for displaying remote .JP2 images.

Note that support for local raw .JP2 images has not been included in this release, because MapInfo supports this format natively, and adding support within the ECW raster handler would create a conflict. However, that it is possible to load .JP2 images using MapImagery via creating an algorithm that has a .JP2 image as its image source.

This version also contains a  fix to a crash that occurred, for some users, with recent versions of MapInfo Professional, when they loaded ECW plus other image types into a single workspace.

Some improvements have been made to the InstallSheild scripting to better detect different versions of MapInfo Professional automatically.

The MapImagery install archive is now signed with a MapImagery code signing certificate so that Internet Explorer no longer warns that the content is not signed, when the archive is downloaded.

MapImagery HTML help documents have been stamped with a 'Mark of the Web' comment to stop the Windows XP SP2 security settings complaint about unsafe content.

6701 29/05/2004 This version contains some refinements and fixes to the Brazilian Portuguese language support, including full support for the MapImagery Encryption GUI.

The destination directory for the MapImagery system software should now default to an appropriate internationalised "Program Files" directory.

The MapImagery Options dialog has been widened on some of the pages, to support longer folder names.

The "MapInfo AutoLoad Options" menu has been removed, as this is no longer appropriate for modern versions of MapInfo Professional.

6700 16/05/2004 This version is the first that includes Brazilian Portuguese language support.  This support has been developed in conjunction with the Brazilian GIS company RGA Engenharia.  See the following web site for more information on Brazilian support for MapImagery  http://www.mapimagery.com.br

Also included in this version are several bug fixes to do with file choosers loosing track of the directory that they are supposed to be browsing in.  The LUT chooser was opening in the current directory, rather than in the LUT directory in the Windows XP environment.

Support for internationalisation of additional modules of MapImagery have been completed in this version, including the MapImagery Encryption dialogs.

6604 15/02/2004 This version fixes some problems saving edited changes that were introduced in the previous version.  The problem manifested itself on some systems when the user went to save changes that had been made to an algorithm.  An error message popped up with a random path, saying that the changes could not be saved.
6603 23/01/2004 This version contains some enhancements to MapImagery Encryption which are packaged as MapImagery Encrytption 2.1.  More information is provided in the separate MapImagery Encryption Help.

There is also a new version of the ECW dlls included in this version, which shouldn't have any effect on the product.

Some work has been done to make the ECW raster handler thread safe, for inclusion in the up coming MapInfo product releases.

6602 03/11/2003 This version contains the first commercially useful implementation of MapImagery Encryption 2.0.  More information is provided in the separate MapImagery Encryption Help.

MapImagery Encryption The test modes are available without a license, but a license is required to encrypt imagery and create keys, for non test modes. 

Note that no license is required to use encrypted imagery.
Please contact MapImagery to request a license for test or evaluation purposes.

6601 22/09/2003 Various enhancements to MapImagery Encryption, are included in this release.

This release contains an additional encryption method, 'Blowfish 64 Bit with Generic Key'.  This method encrypts with an unpublished, but generic encryption key.  Because the key is generic, this method should be used with caution in production applications, because it is inherently less secure than custom key modes.

Also introduced in this release is a licensed mode, with licensing dialog to enter a license key obtained from MapImagery. 

The test modes are available without a license, but a license is required to encrypt imagery and create keys, for non test modes.   Note that no license is required to use encrypted imagery.

Please contact MapImagery to request a license for test or evaluation purposes.

6600 11/09/2003 This version includes the first public release of the new MapImagery Encryption product, which is a set of tools for creating and using encrypted ECW imagery files.

MapImagery Encryption allows imagery to be distributed publicly, for example on DVD, CDROM, intranet file system, or via the Internet. But only to be viewed by users with an appropriate key.

Optionally it is also possible to specify that the imagery can only be decrypted using a particular software product, or even by a user with a particular network address.

For more information on MapImagery Encryption, see the separate MapImagery Encryption Help included with the distribution, or available on the MapImagery web page.

Also included in this release are some bug fixes to the MapImagery licensing dialog, and some bug fixes to the MapImagery Hardcopy monitor user interface.

6529 08/06/2003 This version includes improved MapImagery Hardcopy Monitor support for printing remote ECW images across a LAN or the Internet.  This feature is only available for MapImagery Lite and MapImagery Professional users.

The main improvement in this version  is the introduction of tiled printing support which overcomes 4000x4000 view size limit for ECW images.   Tiled printing support also enables large ECW images to be printed with much smaller memory usage.  

With tiled printing the image is loaded as a series of 1000x1000 tiles are processed in succession.   In future versions more control may be introduced over tile / strip sizes.

Error handling in the ECW raster handler has been much improved in this release.  Much more helpful messages should be returned when printing fails.

Support for canceling a currently printing image was improved in this release.

6528 16/04/2003

This version includes the first implementation of  the MapImagery Hardcopy Monitor, which provides more control when printing remote ECW images across a LAN or the Internet.

The MapImagery Hardcopy Monitor is a feature of MapImagery Lite and MapImagery Professional that solves some of the problems of producing hardcopy from large ECW image web server sources.  The MapImagery Hardcopy  Monitor:

- Provides feedback during the process of producing hardcopy from large ECW image web server sources.

- Allows a degree of control over how long to wait for the ECW imagery required to produce a plot to be downloaded to a workstation.

- Allows a hardcopy taking an excessive amount of time to be canceled.

:The MapImagery Hardcopy Monitor can be enabled via a new MapImagery Options Page, which also allows control over when the monitor is invoked.

This version also includes a new license type, MapImagery Lite, which is a collection of enhancements to the free version of MapImagery that can be purchased as a low cost annual subscription.

The idea for MapImagery Lite has come from talking to users about what kind of features they think would enhance the usefulness of MapImagery.  

Often people said that very small features would make their workflow much more effective,  for example better hardcopy support, simple colorbar support, or better support for MapInfo transparency.

MapImagery Lite is licensed on the basis of a low cost annual subscription / year per user.  

As enhancements and new features are added to MapImagery Lite, these will be available to subscribers, at no additional cost. 

Volume discounts are available and also it is possible to purchase a multiple year subscription at a discount.

6527 10/11/2002 This version has a fix for a bug in the Formula Editor where under WindowsXP loading some types of formula caused a crash.  This bug was exercised when loading a formula without any inputs, for example most of the colorbar formula.
6526 02/07/2002 This version has an InstallShield fix so that the ToolManager is set up to load MapImagery automatically correctly under MapInfo 7.0.

Some experimental language files, which were incorrectly shipped with the previous version, have been removed from this one.

6525 06/05/2002 The main changes in this version relate to running MapImagery on Windows XP.  Various fixes have been made in this version so that MapImagery now runs without problems on Windows XP.

The algorithm used in MapImagery, when a user chooses to display an image without contrast stretching, has been changed.   If a dataset consists of byte data, then the input limits are set to 0 and 255.  In previous versions, the input limits were set to the output limits for byte data.  For all other data types, the previous algorithm is used.

This change makes MapImagery produce similar results to ER Mapper and to ECW for MapInfo, for byte data.  The change has been in response to user feedback.

A bug was fixed whereby data files that weren't in a subdirectory, could not be edited properly with MapImagery Professional.   With this version, data files and algorithms in a root directory, such as E:\ can now be edited.

6524 25/10/2001 This version has the ability to display histograms in several different styles. The user can choose between Cumulative, Non-Cumulative and De-Quantised histogram style, displayed in the Transform Chooser.  The choice of histogram style is made via a new section in the MapImagery -> Options -> General Tab.

The ability to change the current Color Lookup Table (LUT) via the Surface dialog has been added in this version.

Support for loading algorithms from a read-only network drive has been added. In previous versions, CD-ROMs were supported, but read-only network drives were not.

The application has been fully tested on an 800 pixel wide screen and some of the dialogs (in particular the Layer Editor) have been reorganised so that they display properly on screens as small as 800 pixels wide.

The French help is now distributed with MapImagery. The French help translation is substantially complete in this version, and should be fully complete within the next few weeks.  When a help button is pressed, the appropriate language help (currently French or English) is used.

The install program has been modified so that desktop shortcuts point to help in a appropriate language (currently French or English).

The wording of the license dialog has been changed so that the word PERPETUAL is used to describe full MapImagery 6.5 licenses.  This may help remove any confusion over whether MapImagery is licensed annually or perpetually.

An updated GDT_DATA datum / projection database is included in this version. This includes the latest data from ER Mapper 5.2 + patches for the French projections provided by Digitech.

Better language support has been added for clients of a network install.  Clients should now pick up the language chosen during the install, rather than defaulting to English.  This feature is implemented by writing a configuration file called DefaultLang.txt to the MAPIMAGERY\lang directory during the install.  A new network client, then searches for this file, if it can't find a language setting in the normal registry entry.

A problem encountered on some W2000 configurations, whereby the Templates chooser failed to open with a message about a directory not existing was fixed.

6523 11/09/2001 This version has another fix for the InstallShield script to correctly detect MapInfo 6.5 and later.   The InstallShield script should now work correctly with the MapInfo Professional 6.5 tool manager, so that MapImagery automatically starts.
6522 10/09/2001 This version has some fixes for the NTF, French National system of projections.  The MapImagery engine now uses fixed projection data files provided by http://www.digit-int.com which contain more accurate parameters for these projections.

Note when displaying NTF raster data using MapImagery, it is usually necessary to choose a MapInfo projection from the Systèmes Français Méridien de Greenwich group for example Lambert II Carto - Greenwich,

This is because the MapImagery projection database assumes that the projection is tied to Greenwich, rather than Paris.   (Although this may depend on which datum was used, when preparing your raster data).

Also in this version, a fix has been made to the InstallShield script, so that it should now correctly configure MapImagery under the MapInfo Professional 6.5 tool manager, so that MapImagery automatically starts.

The progress bar, which has caused some users drawing problems, under MapInfo Professional 6.5, is now disabled by the install program.  It can be re-enabled via the MapImagery options dialog, if you don't get drawing problems, and prefer to see the progress bar.

6521 05/09/2001 This version has a re-worked SaveAs Algorithm dialog.   The new dialog enables the user to control which extents are saved in an algorithm.

The default option (Original Algorithm Extents) saves  the original extents of the algorithm.  This is the same behaviour that the Save function has.

The 'Current Zoom Extents' option saves the extents of the current MapInfo mapper into the algorithm.  This allows the user to create an algorithm which shows a zoomed in subset of the original algorithm.

The 'All Dataset Extents' option saves a superset of the extents of all of the datasets contained within the algorithm.

The following warning is displayed if the SaveAs operation changed the algorithm extents:

You may have to open the Algorithm again (via the 'Open Algorithm' MapImagery menu option) to regenerate a new .tab file with the correct extents, before the image will display properly.

This version also cleans up some anomalies in the behaviour of the SaveAs function.

6520 30/08/2001 This version contains a fix for a bug in the SaveAsAlgorithm function.  For certain coordinate systems, when the user was zoomed in, SaveAsAlgorithm saved the wrong algorithm extents into the saved algorithm.   

This resulted in a black square appearing in the place of the imagery, when the algorithm was viewed within MapInfo.

The fix should also fix a similar problem with the SaveAsTemplate function.

6519 25/07/2001 This version contains various minor tweaks to the French translation.  Some of the text on the InstallShield program was missing accents and one of the dialogs still had prompts in English only.

The InstallShield executable now has a MapImagery logo, rather than a GID one.

There is also a fix to the SaveAs Template dialog to fix a problem whereby two of the methods were swapped, because of alphabetically sorting of the methods.

6518 17/07/2001 This version contains an updated French translation for some of the application dialogs, in particular the licensing dialogs.  Also included are minor changes to the wording on the French language InstallShield dialogs.

In all other respects, this version is identical to the previous one.

6517 15/07/2001 This version includes the first substantially complete French version.  All of the user interface and install program is fully translated to French.  Only the on-line help is still in English, for the French install.

Any feedback on the accuracy of the translation or suggestions for more appropriate words / terminology is welcomed.

The on-line help is currently being translated into French.  This is expected to be complete within 4 to 6 weeks.  When this is complete, a new version including this help will be released.

The InstallShield program now offers a choice of English or French.  The install program then works in the chosen language, and the MapImagery default language is set to the chosen language.  To change the language, either re-install or choose another language via the MapImagery Options dialog.

A incompatibility problem with ER Mapper 5.2 has been fixed in this release.   The problem was that a licensed raster handler erm_raster_jpg.dll, was shipped with an old version of MapImagery.  This file tried to attach to the licensed version of the ER Mapper run-time, and failed.  To solve the problem, the file is deleted during installation, if it is present.

Many small problems with dialogs, due to different length strings, in the French translations were resolved. In addition, many strings missed in the previous versions were included in the language support.

If anyone is interested in translating MapImagery to other languages, contact support@mapimagery.com for more details on what is involved.  Any contributions will be acknowledged in the software and on the MapImagery web page.

6516 24/05/2001 This version fixes some problems with the language support.  In some of the dialogs, for example the Edit Algorithm Elements dialog, the language text for some of the descriptions was getting garbled. 

A bug in the Open  ECW  function was fixed.   This bug manifested itself when the user chose to display a local ECW file directly via ECW for MapInfo with the Algorithm Generation Option set to Default Algorithm Directory.   The user then got an error message about it not being possible to open the file.

6515 22/05/2001 This version has a much more complete non English language implementation. There is still only an en.cfg and upper.cfg language file present in the distribution, however, a French language file fr.cfg is currently under development and will be released in a few weeks as part of the next release.  This support is still in beta, but is almost complete.

Several bugs related to inserting and deleting Transform and Filter objects have been fixed in this release.  Several other stability improvements have been implemented.

6514 28/03/2001 This version has been extensively re-worked to facilitate the support of languages other than English in the user interface.    This support is quite advanced, but is still in beta.  

The language components of the product have been extracted out into text files for translation.   These files can be found in MAPIMAGERY/lang, with a .cfg extension, for example C:\Program Files\gid\MapImagery\lang\en.cfg.

A new language is chosen via a new page on the MapImagery Options dialog.   In this release the only languages are en.cfg (English language used by default), and upper.cfg (the en.cfg file wrapped to UPPER CASE) for demonstration purposes.

In future releases, an extensive set of language files will be supported, with at least French, German and Spanish planned, and others possible if these are contributed.    If you are interested in translating to your chosen language, then please feel free to do so, and submit for release in the central build.  Contributions will be acknowledged in the "About Dialog" and also on the MapImagery Web page.

This version also includes a more recent version of the ECW dlls, which should improve support for IWS authentication.

6513 14/10/2000 This version resolves an interaction between MapImagery and ER Mapper 5.1, when the two products were installed on the same machine.    The problem manifested itself in MapImagery being unable to open image types other than standard BIL images.   The cause of the problem was a change in the way that the ER Mapper raster engine locates the raster handlers needed by MapImagery.

The geotiff handler has been updated to the latest from ER Mapper.  This includes improvements to handle several new IKONOS formats, support for GeoTIFF files with a negative Y dimension, correction for a half pixel offset problem and better error handling for non standard GeoTIFF files.

A feature to help diagnosis of licensing problems was added in this release.   When an expired license is returned, an error code, indicating the reason for expiry has been added to the return code.

6512 26/10/2000 This version resolves some additional problems with full licenses.  In the previous version, MapImagery 6.5 licenses were recognised by the licencing system, but ignored by the software itself, leading to the menus being greyed out.

The menu on the License Download Dialog was modified to exlude the MapImagery 7.0 option, as this was confusing some users.

6511 25/10/2000 This version is the  first official prduction release of MapImagery Professional.  A problem with confusion between MapImagery 5.0 and MapImagery 6.0 license types was resolved in this version.
6510 20/10/2000 A problem with User definable projection types 999 was fixed.  This problem resulted in a corrupt .tab file being produced when a 999 projection type was chosen.

Some broken links in the ECW for MapInfo help were fixed.  These broken links pointed to localhost, which does not work when the html is being browsed locally.

6509 18/10/2000 This version is the third candidate for the production version of MapImagery Professional.

A problem with licensing, whereby a demonstration license appeared to activate, but then resulted in faded out menus has been fixed.

The licensing dialog has been extended to include the registration of serial numbers in addition to downloading and returning licenses.

6508 04/10/2000 This version is the second  candidate for the production version of MapImagery Professional.

This release contains updated raster handlers that should solve problems that some people were having loading some jpeg bil variant images.

Also some there have been some documentation changes to include some better dialog snapshots in some of the help documents.

6507 17/09/2000 This version is a release candidate for the production release of MapImagery Professional. 

If no serious problems are found, this release will become the release version around the end of the month.

Problems with the Software\MapInfo\MapInfo\Common\UseTrueColor registry entry were resolved in this release. 

In past releases a string value was written to this registry entry, instead of a DWORD value.   In this release a DWORD value is written

6506b 29/08/2000 Another attempt to solve the ermapper_u.dll load problem under Windows 95.  A more modern version of the msvcrt.dll has been included in this release.
6505b 23/08/2000 Some people were getting a problem whereby ermapper_u.dll failed to load during the initialisation of MapImagery.   This problem was apparently confined to Windows 95 under certain configurations.    Changes have been made to the error handling used during the loading of ermapper_u.dll that may resolve this problem.

The text displayed by the license dialog has been improved to make it clearer.   Also a message which read 'The license expired -5 days ago'  has been changed to read 'The license expired 5 days ago.

The license client code has been modified to insure that https (secure http) is always used to connect to the license server.

The timeout on the beta version has been extended by another 30 days.

6504b 29/07/2000 The Dialog that allows you to enter / choose a remote ECW image has been fixed to allow URLs of any length to be entered.  In previous versions the length was limited to the width of the field in the dialog.

The Transform Dialog axis has been labelled with input and output since some users were confused about the orientation of this dialog.

An updated geotiff raster handler is included in this release.  This handler includes support for 16 bit geotiff such as those from Space Imaging.

The revert behaviour in some of the element editing dialogs, for example the filter editor, was improved.   Several of the buttons labelled Reload were changed to Revert for consistency.

6503b 10/07/2000 The on-line help screen snapshots were changed from .jpg to .gif because the solid dithering used by .gif make it easier to see the solid colours of the windows and buttons.

The ECW for MapInfo help was fixed to make all of the image files lowercase.  Under UNIX the mixed case file names was causing some of the images to display incorrectly.

The InstallShield configuration was changed so as only to place one shortcut on the desktop for the MapImagery Help.  The ECW for MapInfo and MapImagery Professional Help can be reached via the MapImagery Help, so the extra entries were redundant.

6502b 09/07/2000 This release has completly reworked on-line help.   In the past the on-line help was in the form of windows help files.  In this release all of the help is HTML style.

All of the MapImagery Professional dialogs now have a functional Help button which evokes the appropriate section from the HTML help.   In addition pressing F1 on any of the dialogs also invokes the help.

The online help for MapImagery, MapImagery Professional, and ECW for MapInfo is also provided in a similar form on the MapImagery web page at http://www.mapimagery.com.

Several aspects of the installation were revised to fit in with the new help.

6501b 24/06/2000 This release has been tested with MapInfo 6.0 on NT4.0 and also on Windows 98. No problems specific to MapInfo 6.0 were found during this testing.

Ability to toggle the visibility of a whole surface added to the Surface / Layer dialog.

It is now possible to bring up the Colormap Edit dialog at any time. In the previous release, this was only possible if the current layer was a pseudocolor layer.

A bug with surfaces such that it was sometimes impossible to remove the last surface was fixed.

A set of Zoom and Pan controls have been added to all dialogs that support preview. In the previous version, it was not obvious to some users that the preview window could be zoomed and panned. This feature makes it much easier to operate the preview window in a useful manner.

Algorithms with long file names, for example some of the example algorithms on the ER Mapper cdrom were not recognized as MapImagery layers, and could not be edited, in the previous version. This problem has been fixed.

The error message shown when a user attempted to edit a raw ECW layer was improved.

The behavior of the Layer / Surface dialog when the transparency slider was manipulated was improved. In the previous version, sometimes the dialog would flick back and forward between the Surface and Layer page, in a confusing way.

The ability to change the background color of an algorithm was added to the Algorithm options dialog. This feature includes full preview of the results in the preview window.

The splash dialog / about dialog was updated to show the new MapImagery logo, rather than the GID one. The dialog now has a black background.

The licensing dialog sometimes showed a negative number of days remaining. This has been fixed.Various visual inconsistencies in some of the dialogs were fixed.

The www.mapimagery.com web page has been improved and given a consistent look and feel throughout.

There is still no online help for the MapImagery Professional dialogs, but this should be in the next beta in a few days.

Various stability / memory problems were resolved in this release, the release should be much more stable than the previous one.

The SAR filter directory, containing filters, which require a license to work, was removed from the distribution.

The length of the lease, handed out by the MapImagery license server, to beta testers was increased from 7 to 14 days. Several users didn't seem to understand that they could get additional leases by giving back the old license and requesting it again.

6500b 30/05/2000 This is a very important release, being the first version that includes the MapImagery Professional functionality. The extra functionality is activated via a software key, that can be automatically downloaded from the MapImagery web page.

The version number has been upped to 6.500, to signify the big differences between this release and the previous ones.

In addition to the MapImagery Professional functionality, many other fixes and improvements have been made to MapImagery. More information and extensive documentation to follow.

This is a beta release, and will stop working after 30 days. There will several more releases during the beta period.

See the MapImagery web page http://www.mapimagery.com for more information on this release and the beta program.

6045 19/03/2000 The ECW dlls are installed locally into the MapInfo directory in this version, rather than centrally in the SYSTEM directory.

This is to facilitate working in a network install situation, which is a common configuration among MapInfo users, particularly at large sites.

A problem with the ECW support whereby a dialog popped up saying that an ERMAPPER registry setting was not set. This problem only manifested itself on Windows 95 and 98 machines that used a lot of environment variable space, which made it hard to reproduce and track down.

A JPG raster handler that required the licensed version of the ermapper.dll, was removed from this release. This raster handler may have presented problems for some users trying to load JPEG files on a machine that did not have ER Mapper installed on it.

This release will probably be the last release prior to the beginning of the Commercial MapImagery beta program. Future releases will contain the Commercial MapImagery functionality, enabled by the entry of a license code.

The WWW links from the MapImagery menu were updated to point to www.gid.com.au rather than www.gid.com.

6044 23/01/2000 The InstallSheild programs for both MapImagery and ECW for MapInfo have been changed to check for miraster.dll rather than tiff.rhl to confirm that the installation directory is a MapInfo executable directory.

This suggestion was made by a MapInfo engineer testing ECW for MapInfo prior to its inclusion on the next MapInfo Pro CDROM.

6043 08/12/99 The ECW dlls that get installed have been updated to the latest version (1,0,49). Among other improvements, these DLLS should work better with "Automatically configured proxy servers". In particular the popup error message warning of this should not appear.

Version 6.007 of ECW for MapInfo help file and raster handler.

Documentation improved in minor ways. In particular the URL address's have been made more consistent.

This version is a candidate for release on the ER Mapper 6.1 CDROM.

6042 17/11/99 Algorithm and Tab files are now saved into the "Default Algorithm Directory" unconditionally for remote Image Web Server images. This was confusing some users in the previous version.

Problem loading 'gidicon.dll' under some configurations has been fixed in this release.

6041 02/11/99 Improved support for the MapInfo tool manager for enabling and disabling MapImagery. The InstallShield program has been enhanced so that the tool manager is used, if MapInfo 5.0 or later is detected.

Problem with launching help under WindowsNT 4.0 resolved.

An ECW icon was added to the MapImagery toolbar for making it easier to load ECW images.

The appearance of DOS consoles, which interfere with the MapInfo focus has been improved, but not yet eliminated.

Various inconstancies in the MapImagery and ECW for MapInfo help improved.

Improved dialog for selecting Image Web Server ECW images. This includes a combo box, from which recently accessed images can be picked, and better validation.

6040 13/10/99 Greatly improved support for loading ECW Images, in particular new functionality for automatically creating registered .tab and .url files for displaying Image Web Server ECW files in MapInfo.

Some problems with opening algorithms on read-only file systems, for example CDROMS were fixed.

Improved ECW documentation, explaining how to use MapImagery to create registered .tab and .url files.

InstallShield program improved to handle better updating msvcrt.dll and mfc42.dll system dlls.

Handling of sharing violations during installation improved.

Incorrect installation of ECW help files fixed. Sometimes 2 similar ECW help file short cuts were getting installed on the desktop.

Updated versions of the ECW dlls are now installed into the windows system directory. Old local copies of these dlls are deleted on install.

6039 27/09/99 Updated ECW for MapInfo to ecw6004, including the latest ECW dlls. Because of a build problem, 6003 was shipped with an old version of the ECW dlls, which didn't work with the latest Image Web Server software.

In all other ways, this version is identical to the 2 previous versions.

6038 22/09/99 Updated ECW for MapInfo to ecw6003, include the latest ECW dlls required because the Image Web Server software has been upgraded.

A separate help file for ECW for MapInfo is also included in this release.

In other ways, this version is identical to the previous version.

6037 21/09/99 ECW for MapInfo has been re-written from scratch and now includes support for loading a .URL file, containing an Image Web Server address.

In addition various problems with earlier versions, including stability, and super-sampling problems have been resolved.

Currently ECW for MapInfo is shipped both as part of MapImagery, and as part of a separate self extracting archive.

The next release of MapImagery and ECW for MapInfo will contain a detailed help document with specific information on installing and using ECW for MapInfo.

6036 13/09/99 With some configurations, the previous version fell over during installation with a message about -115, mfc42.dll install failed.

This is because on with some configurations, this dll can be in use by system programs.

The InstallSheild configuration has been modified to handle this occurrence.

6035 10/09/99 This release should solve the problem with MapImagery not loading for some users.

The problem was that the MapImagery installation program was shipping an old version of the mfc42.dll, system library.

Users who had installed software that uses a recent version of mfc42.dll (for example MapInfo 5.5) didn't have any problems.

Users who had never installed an application built with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 (MapInfo 5.0, 4.5, 4.2 etc are built with earlier versions of the compiler) experienced the problem.

This release is shipped with mfc42.dll version 6.00.8447.0. Note that InstallShield will only overwrite an older version of system dll's such as mfc42.dll, so if your system has a more recent version, then this will not get overwritten by MapImagery.

6034 09/09/99 Attempt to solve problem that some users are getting with MapImagery not loading, and reporting an error message about there being a problem loading ermok.dll.

Two things have been changed in this release. The first thing is that the PATH variable is now set up in a similar way to previous releases. This may have been causing a problem loading the ermok.dll.

The second thing is that a test program, testgui.exe is shipped with MapImagery, installed into the MapInfo directory. This program can be used to diagnose dll loading problems. Just run the program, if there is a problem, and then send email to support@gid.com.au with a snapshot of any errors.

6033 02/09/99 This version should really fix the 95/98 stability problem. The problem seems to be that Windows 95 and 98 have a limited amount of environment space.

The MapImagery raster handler initialization was exceeding this limit.

The initialization has been reworked to use less environment space and testing doesn't show up the problem.

6032 01/09/99 This version has been ported to Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, to try and resolve some stability problems running with MapInfo 5.5, which was also built with this version of the compiler.

This release has been tested against MapInfo 4.2, MapInfo 5.0 and MapInfo 5.5 on Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 and hasn't shown any stability problems opening MapInfo tables.

6031 01/08/99 Internal release with further development of support for ECW URL type file names.
6030 14/06/99 Debugging code that was causing a popup error message removed. This version is the same as the previous version in all other respects.

Also the beta jpeg raster handler had some debugging information enabled causing another popup.

6029 09/06/99 A native MapInfo Raster handler that supports raw ECW and ECW2 has been added to MapImagery.

This handler is also shipped separately, primarily for MapX based applications, that can't take advantage of the MapImagery GUI.

A stub menu entry has been added, showing where additional support for ECW will be added in the next release.

The next release, which will be out within a few days, will add support for generating .tab files for use with the native ECW raster handler.

It will also provide support for accessing ECW2 images across the net.

6028 04/06/99 Partial support for the new ECW2 compression. The raster handler has been updated to include ECW2 support, but the GUI has not been tailored to entering an html address, rather than a file, for the source of data. This will be rectified in new release shortly.
6027 31/05/99 Better support for running MapImagery from a network drive, onto client that have not had MapImagery installed.

If the appropriate registry entries are not set up, more intelligent defaults are used.

In particular the program now attempts to locate the MapImagery directory by recursively searching sub-directories of parent directories of the currently running MapInfo application. The following search order is used:



..\Program Files\GID\MapImagery



..\..\Program Files\GID\MapImagery


In addition to this the default for the Projection Database Directory is now the users home directory. Under NT, this is often C:\USERS\DEFAULT and under Windows95 and Windows 98 this is usually C:\WINDOWS\TEMP. This should enable MapImagery to be run from a READONLY network drive.

Support for MapInfo MapX Control based applications added and tested. At the moment there is only raster handler support for MapX applications. None of the GUI dialogs or Wizards are accessible from MapX applications, however, this is being considered.

6026 11/05/99 When a MapImagery layer is added to an existing mapper, the image is now placed towards the bottom of the the existing layers. The previous behavior was to place the new layer at the top, obscuring existing vector layers.

An extra slash placed at the beginning of the .tab file name has been removed. This was causing problems for opening workspaces under certain configurations.

The help message explaining how to re-install the auto-loading of MapImagery, after it has been disabled, has been improved.

When the algorithm is in the same directory as the .tab file, the short, unqualified, name is now written out. This was the behavior in previous versions, but it got broken at some point.

Three new raster translators JPEG, DOQQ, Restec (CEOS) have been added to the distribution.

Partial implementation of a scheme to save some meta information such as the supersampling factor to the .tab file.

6025 27/03/99 This version fixes a minor installation problem, whereby, the MapImagery installation program appended a strange character (032) at the end of the Startup.Wor file. This extra character is interpreted as End of File by MapInfo, so that additional commands after the mapimagery startup command are ignored. This caused a problem for Discover installations, which also modify the file.

Problems with loading algorithms and images on a readonly file system, for example CDROM were fixed in this version.

6024 02/02/99 This version is linked with the very latest ER Mapper library and shipped with the latest ER Mapper 6.0 engine environment. There are no known serious problems with this release.
6023 01/02/99 Another candidate for the production ER Mapper 6.0 CDROM. This version is shipped with a new ER Mapper library that should fix the registry problem, when running on machines that did not also have ER Mapper 6.0 installed. But it is shipped with a previous version of the ER Mapper 6.0 enviroment.

Better error handling introduced to handle a problem where MapImagery exited when some .tab files generated by an old version of MapImagery was loaded.

6022 31/01/99 This is another candidate for inclusion on the production ER Mapper 6.0 CDROM.

Some users experienced problems with 6021, loading .ecw files and also running on machines that did not also have ER Mapper installed.

This version is identical to the previous version, but linked with the previous version of the ER Mapper engine, to try and resolve the problems.

6021 28/01/99 This release is a candidate for inclusion on the production ER Mapper 6.0 CDROM.

A new MapImagery menu item has been added, which invokes the standard MapInfo "auto-load" manager. This option allows a user to control whether or not MapImagery is "auto-loaded" when MapInfo starts up.

The naming of distribution files has been standardized to adhere to the MapImagery naming, rather than ER Mapper naming. For example ermapper.mbx has been renamed mapimagery.mbx and ermapper.rhl has been renamed mapimagery.rhl. The InstallSheild program has been modified to delete the old versions of the files, so that they don't interfere with the operation of the software.

Problem with extra backslashes in table file names, when saved saved away as a workspace resolved. Mappers containing MapImagery layers should now save and load as a part of a workspace without any problems.

6020b 23/01/99 The default MapInfo units for an ER Mapper UTM/GEODETIC coordinate system has been changed from "meters" to "degrees".

Having the default as "meters" was leading to a confusing situation for users trying the classic tutorial case of displaying the MapInfo world data over the ER Mapper World Topography dataset, whereby they could display the datasets independently, but not together in the same mapper.

Problem with the Licensing driver such that it interacted with the ER Mapper licensing resolved in this release.

Improvements to the InstallSheild installation script to make the installation process simpler.

6019b 21/01/99 A problem with user defined MapInfo datums was fixed. This problem occurred when a MapInfo datum with a datum number of 9999 was used, followed by a set of datum parameters. MapImagery incorrectly assumed that the following parameters specified the projection details, rather than the datum.

License installing program upgraded to a more recent version to overcome problems with the previous version.

6018b 13/01/99 The support of Tiff/Geotiff was fixed. In the previous release these formats did not show up on the image format menu and would not load.

Problem with the GID Self extractor whereby it popped up a message about not being able to delete the SHORTCUT file was fixed.

Linked with the ER Mapper 6.0 Release candidate libraries and distributed with a matching engine and configuration files.

6017b 12/01/99 MrSID support removed at the request of Earth Resource Mapping.

Built with the latest ER Mapper 6.0 release candidate libraries and configuration files.

Timeout code removed, so that the software should keep working indefinitly.

6016b 11/01/99 Implementation of licensing module of MapImagery. This allows a software key to activate the features of the commercial version.

Much improved installation InstallShield implemented using the commercial version of InstallShield. This includes a license agreement, automatic installation of licensing drivers, and improved detection of things like the location of MapInfo.

6015b 22/12/98 Smoothing implementation improved. Now it is possible to switch on and off smoothing from the file chooser dialog, while loading a dataset. If an algorithm is being loaded, the smoothing check box is faded out.

Smoothing toggle removed from the Super Sampling page of the preferences dialog, as it did not really belong there.

6014b 21/12/98 Technique used to autoclip images changed from Set Limits % to Set Autoclip Transform % to eliminate some anomalies found with the previous technique.

The ability to switch Smoothing on and off via the Super Sampling page of the preferences dialog introduced. The explanation on this page changed to reflect this.

Default Autoclip Transform %, which was sometimes coming up as blank, changed to be 99%.

Default algorithm directory changed to blank, rather than a non-existent ER Mapper directory.

6013b 17/12/98 Terminology for referring to datasets cleaned up. Now everywhere (menus, error messages, documentation) that referred to datsets, now refers to images.

When you choose to not overwrite an algorithm or table, the program now uses the previous algorithm or .tab file, rather than canceling.

Additional autoclip percent (97.5%) added because one user suggested that this would be useful.

ER Mapper vector layer options tab removed from the program an documentation, as this is no longer relevant.

6012b 15/12/98 Support for ER Mapper compressed format (.ecw) fixed. In the previous versions, some images caused MapImagery to crash. Also crashes with some .tif images should be fixed by this work.

Removed restriction that default algorithm directory has to be on the $ERMSDIR path.

Handling of null cell values and white improved to solve the problem whereby holes were appearing in the image, rather than white.

6011b 09/12/98 Problem where a symbol (TranslatorGetFileAttrs) not found in the geotiff raster translator fixed.
6010b 08/12/98 Another registry entry problem fixed. The install program now automatically creates the registry entries required by the ermapper library.
6009b 06/12/98 Problems with the registry entries inserted by the install program using a different key, to those entries expected by the software, fixed.

Rebuilt the product with the ER Mapper 6.0 beta libraries and include files.

ER Mapper 6.0 beta distribution files are now shipped with this version.

6008b 26/11/98 Rebuilt the product with a new Alpha of ER Mapper 6.0 that is very close to the ER Mapper 6.0 beta 1.

The file handling has been re-written to use the new ER Mapper 6.0 file handling functions, that handle spaces properly.

Also many other parts of the product had to be modified to fit in with the new library.

Minor corrections to some of the text in the on-line help.

6007b 23/11/98 Extensive reworking of the on-line help for MapImagery including simplifying the first page and revamping the screen snapshots.

Improvements to the InstallShield setup to simplify the prompts and other text.

6006b 18/11/98 Modifications to work well with the ER Mapper Smart Data CDROMS. There was a bug in the support for Read Only file systems like CDROMS that was causing problems.

Updates to the on-line help to reflect the latest information on the commercial version of MapImagery.

Addition of links to MapImagery download page and also to MapImagery FAQ on the GID Web page. Some more links may be added later.

6005b 17/11/98 Geotiff/JPEG compressed format handling is re-instated in this version. This support should work seamlessly. Just open a Geotiff/JPEG compressed file in the usual way and it should open just the same as an uncompressed geotiff.
6004b 16/11/98 First version that is based on the ER Mapper 6.0 engine rather than the ER Mapper 5.5 engine.

MrSID support thoroughly tested in this version. It works seemlessly.

Geotiff/JPEG compressed format handling is not available in this version. This handler has to be ported to the ER Mapper 6.0 raster handler standard before this support will work.

InstallShield Wizard updated to install the latest versions of all the ER Mapper 6.0 engine and support files. Installation thoroughly tested.

6003b 23/10/98 Direct support for common image formats added so that the product now supports ER Mapper, ESRI BIL, Geotiff, Bmp and others.

Direct support for SPOT-Lite Geotiff/JPEG compressed image types added.

Improvements to on-line help to reflect the new naming of the product and to distinguish between the free and commercial versions of the product.

Improved support for Latitude/Longitude coordinate system types. The corner points are now correctly translated into Decimal degrees rather than radians.

6002b 16/10/98 Tested with MapInfo 5.0 to insure that MapImagery works seamlessly with the new release of MapInfo.

Minor changes to the setup program to prevent usercode objects with the same name being overwritten.

Changes to menu names, tooltips and dialog titles to reflect the new naming of the product.

6001b 11/10/98 This release is fundamentally different to all previous releases. It is the first release that works without an ER Mapper dongle.

To facilitate this the product is now shipped with a special version of the ER Mapper run-time engine. This means that the distribution archive is larger, but means that the product can be installed on any machine without pre-installing ER Mapper.

The release has similar functionality to previous releases. One difference is that it is no longer possible to display ER Mapper vectors, burnt into an ER Mapper raster image. This is necessary to support shipping the product as a standalone.

There are also some differences in the InstallShield program reflecting the fact that the program no longer requires ER Mapper.

None of the features of the commercial version of MapImagery have been included in this release. For information on this product, keep an eye on the GID Australia web page at http://www.gid.com.au

2004 24/09/98 This release is very similar in functionality to 2003. The main difference is that the install program has been modified to cope with the different directory organization of MapInfo 4.5 and later.

The install program has also been improved so that a copy of the Help file is added as a desktop shortcut.

2003 24/12/97 Some users were having a problem displaying virtual images on machines with no MSVC compiler installed. This version should fix the problem by providing an additional option which switches off dynamic compilation, allowing virtual imagess to display without any problems.
2002 04/07/97 Changes to save some of the registry entries on a per machine basis, rather than a current user basis. This change should allow simpler installs where there are several users of one machine.
2001 17/03/97 Rebuild of 2000 to work with the the final version of ER Mapper 5.5.
2000 24/02/97 Only cosmetic changes since the last beta. Version for shipping on the ER Mapper 5.5 CDROM.
2000B5 09/02/97 This release was built to work with ER Mapper 5.5 Beta 3. There was a change in the algorithm structure between ER Mapper 5.5 Beta 2 and ER Mapper 5.5 Beta 3, which caused earlier versions of the link to break when run against ER Mapper 5.5 Beta 3. This release should fix the problem.
2000B4 06/02/97 Another Attempt to fix the MapInfo exiting with no error bug after an algorithm is chosen.
2000B3 06/02/97 Attempted to fix a bug that caused MapInfo to exit with no error messages after an algorithm or image was chosen to load into the link.
    The install program now looks for Mapinfo or Ermapper installed under the "Program Files" directory, as well as in the root directory of each drive.
2000B2 03/02/97 The previous version was shipped with the wrong version of the Microsoft Foundation Classes DLL. This may have caused the link to fail on some machines.
2000B1 02/02/97 This is the first version that is made to work with ER Mapper 5.5, which uses a dll for the ermapper functionality. This means that the link is much smaller, but also means that future versions of the link will NOT work with ER Mapper 5.2.

Bug causing a crash when the copy button was pressed in the error dialog, was fixed. Now it is possible to copy error messages to the clipboard and hence print them out or email them to ER Mapper support.

Improvements were made to the way that the link locates ER Mapper. These improvement eliminate the need for any changes to the users environment to run the link.

The code was cleaned up and reorganized which should result in the link being more robust.

1003 06/01/97 Bug causing crash when a image with no raster information on bands was fixed.
1002 18/11/96 DPI Options changed to Vector Thickness Options and improved so that it is easier to use and understand.

Ability to load algorithms that are on CDROM added.

1001 13/11/96 Algorithm names starting with a digit now supported
    Problem that produces error message "s_message not defined" fixed.
1000 28/10/96 Colors appearing swapped with some RGB algorithms fixed.

Algorithms where the image coordinate system type is different to that of the algorithm supported.

On-line help document improved to incorporate feedback from beta testers.

Default for Default Algorithm Directory changed to C:\ERMAPPER\DATASET\SCRATCH rather than C:\TMP because this directory needs to be either in a child directory of an ERMDSDIR environment variable directory, or under $ERMAPPER\algorithm.

Problem whereby ER Mapper vector text had different aspect ratios in the X and Y directions when zoomed in fixed.

Problem where setup program hangs for 60 seconds under windows 95 fixed. The setup program still pauses for 30 seconds after decompressing the files.

Various minor changes to the text and layout of options dialogs was made to make these easier to use and understand.

1000B11 20/10/96 Problem where progress appears on ER Mapper toolbar, rather than in the main MapInfo window, fixed.

Documentation substantially improved, particularly in the amount of detail provided on Options to the Link.

Problem where the left and top part of algorithm gets truncated when there are map composition items or more than one raster image fixed.

Problem where the red layer was swapped with the blue layer in default algorithms created from images, fixed.

Algorithms with only classification layers, and no other raster layers can now be viewed via the link.

Option window lut chooser starting in the wrong directory under Windows NT, fixed.

Choose Algorithm Style dialog improved so that it now remembers the option that you chose previously

Off white background color in algorithms containing map composition items is now converted to white.

1000B10 16/10/96 Problem creating table file where the algorithm name had an extra dot (.) in it fixed.
    Problem that resulted in long skinny images, when algorithms were in certain page modes fixed.
    Various problems with algorithms failing to load because the file name was longer than 30 characters fixed.
    Running ER Mapper to edit a recently created algorithm implemented.
    Aspect ratio problem causing wrong line thickness and font height has been fixed.
    Various spelling mistakes and error handling anomalies fixed.
    Problem where certain maps failed to display because the scale was out of the range chosen by MapInfo fixed.
1000B9 14/10/96 The Link now works without a dongle on demonstration images.
    Truncation of error messages on error dialog has been fixed.
    Setup program has been improved for easier installation.
    Extra preferences allowing control over vector dpi have been added.
    An extra "pixel supersampling" option has been added. This should result in better dithering on hardcopy devices and control over the resolution of ER Mapper vector layers.
    Problem whereby map windows with ER Mapper raster layers could not have other non ER Mapper raster layers has been fixed.
    Problem with ER Mapper vector layers not appearing has been fixed.
    Problem with page relative vector objects not appearing correctly has been fixed. Also the way that zooming and extent calculations are done has been changed.
1000B8 30/09/96 Handling of the creation of RGB algorithms for images with more than 2 bands implemented
    Problem with ER Mapper vector layers disappearing fixed.
    Link now works with no special PATH environment variable setup.
    An ER Mapper toolbar has been implemented
    Better probing of run time environment implemented
    Autoclipping of default algorithms improved
    Documentation improved
1000B7 24/09/96 Handling of aspect ratio improved. Should fix printing problems where raster was stretched in the y direction.
    DOS console appearing before splash dialog fixed.
    Options dialogs implemented more fully and improved. Various new options added allowing greater control over the link.
    Problems with creating a default algorithm for viewing an ER Mapper image were fixed.
    Option to allow user to add an ER Mapper raster to the current Mapper added.
    Option to allow an alternative colormap for generated algorithms added.
    Option to allow vectors to be turned off added.
1000B6 16/09/96 Intuitive Registration dialog implemented. This dialog remembers previous ERMapper -> MapInfo projection mappings
    Options dialog partially implemented. This dialog allows things like directories and processing options to be set
    Loading an image into MapInfo partially implemented
    Aspect ratio problem whereby right hand edges of image appeared corrupted has been fixed.
    Problem causing vectors to get out of registration when zoomed in fixed.
    Progress bar showing progress of image generation implemented
    Error handling vastly improved.
    Many small bugs fixed
1000B5 07/08/96 Linked with ER Mapper 4.2 Release, rather than 4.2 beta
    Better run time checking of ER Mapper environment and setup
    Fixed problem breaking the GUI elements of the link
    Decent error message when ER Mapper environment incorrect
1000B4 02/08/96 Removed calls to MFC40.dll and MSVCR40D.dll. This should.
    fix the problem causing message about ermmigui.dll
1000B3 30/07/96 Fixed installation problem causing message about ermmigui.dll
1000B2 26/07/96 Setup simplified so that no environment variables required

Link now works with algorithms that include vectors

Documentation updated to reflect simplified setup.

1000B1 24/07/96 First external Beta