Loading Algorithms
See Also: Loading Raster Images into MapInfo

The first time that you load an ER Mapper Algorithm into MapInfo you have to do it in a special way. After that you can just use the standard way of opening a MapInfo table. To load a new ER Mapper alogorithm as a MapInfo table, or to reload an algorithm after you have changed the zoom extents via the main ER Mapper program, perform the following steps:

  1. From within MapInfo, choose the Open a New ER Mapper Algorithm... option on the MapImagery menu.


Choose the Open a New ER Mapper Algorithm option from the MapImagery toolbar.

  1. Change folders to the folder containing the algorithm that you wish to load..
  2. Double click on the algorithm that you want to load into MapInfo

  1. If a MapInfo .tab file already exists for the algorithm, you will be prompted to confirm that you wish to overwrite the existing .tab file. Note that doing so will overwrite any changes you have made to the projection, units, or tie-point information.
  2. A registration dialog will now open allowing you to set up the MapInfo registration details for the algorithm that you have chosen.. For instructions on how to do this see:  Registering ER Mapper Algorithms and Images