Algorithm Options


This dialog allows you to set various options for the current algorithm.  You can see a preview of the results of your changes in the Preview Window.

Dialog Snapshot

algopt.gif (22834 bytes)

Setting Options

The Background Color affects the color of your image, where there are no values.   You can set this to any value by choosing a color via Choose Color. The Set Default check will set the background color to the default.

Feather adjacent images seamlessly switches on / off a feature of algorithms that helps to hide the boundaries between different images.   Checking this box can help remove artefacts due to the joins between adjacent images.

Smooth data using bilinear sampling switches on / off resampling at a sub-pixel level.  Switching this setting on can improve the appearance of your images when you are zoomed in.

Description associates an arbitrary description with the current algorithm.   And Notes allows for more verbose information to be associated with the current algorithm.   The algorithm Name field is there for information only, and cannot be edited.

Common Elements

Like most of the other MapImagery Editor dialogs, the dialog has a Preview Window along with a set of controls for easily zooming and panning the preview window to the desired location and resolution.