Edit Color Lookup


This dialog allows you to change the LUT (Look Up Table) for psuedocolor layers within the current algorithm.  With other layer types (other than psuedocolor) the LUT is not edible.  The Lut Preview pane of the dialog shows the LUT in ramp form with the left hand side being 0 and the right hand side 255.     The Preview Window shows the result of the current LUT applied to a chosen section of the current algorithm.

Dialog Snapshot

lut.gif (37532 bytes)

Common Elements

Like most of the other MapImagery Editor dialogs, the dialog has a Preview Window along with a set of controls for easily zooming and panning the preview window to the desired location and resolution.

The dialog also has an Only Active check box that toggles between showing just the active algorithm elements (the default) and all of the algorithm elements.