Navigation, Toolbars and Menus


This section describes the way that you navigate around different parts of the MapImagery application.   Through a set of menus, toolbars and common dialog elements this is a very simple and intuitive process.


The MapImagery Professional toolbar is the most common way of accessing the MapImagery Professional functions, although all of the functions also have menu equivalents, and it is also possible to access most of the algorithm editor dialogs from within the Edit Algorithm Elements dialog

toolbarpro.gif (3053 bytes)

The MapImagery toolbar is also available if you mostly only use the free functions of MapImagery.   Both toolbars can be moved around and docked in the toolbar in the standard way for MapInfo toolbars.

toolbar.gif (1968 bytes)

Right clicking in the empty parts of the MapInfo toolbar area will open up the MapInfo Toolbar Options dialog.  Using this dialog the MapImagery and MapImagery Professional toolbars can be Shown / Hidden  or Floated / Unfloated.

toolbaropt.gif (5018 bytes)


All of the functions of MapImagery and MapImagery Professional are available from the MapImagery menu.   When you don't have a valid license for MapImagery Professional, the MapImagery Professional items are faded out.

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Common Dialog Elements

Many of the MapImagery Professional dialogs have common elements for navigation.   This uniformity makes it easier to learn how to drive different parts of the application.

The Previous button button typically moves to the previous element in the algorithm, for example the previous Transform.  The Next button typically moves to the next element in current algorithm.  The behaviour of these navigation buttons can be modified by checking or unchecking Only Active.   When Only Active is checked the Next and Previous buttons only navigate to active elements and vice versa.

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