MapImagery Encryption Help
Welcome to the MapImagery Encryption on-line Help. This Help file provides the basic information you need to start using MapImagery Encryption.

MapImagery Encryption is a set of tools for creating and using encrypted  ECW imagery files. MapImagery Encryption allows imagery  to be distributed publicly, for example on DVD, CDROM, intranet file system, or via the Internet.  But only to be viewed by users with an appropriate key.   Optionally it is also possible to specify that the imagery can only be decrypted using a particular software product, or even by a user with a particular network address.

The encrypted imagery files created and used by MapImagery Encryption have a .MIE file extension.  The MIE format, developed by MapImagery Limited,  is an encrypted form of the ECW wavelet compression format, consisting of a simple header containing metadata, and a body containing the encrypted ECW data.    MapImagery Encryption key files have an .MIK file extension.

ECW is a wavelet compression standard developed by Earth Resource Mapping that provides high quality image compression. Many data and software vendors are adopting ECW as their standard image compression technique.

Decryption of MIE files are done on the fly so that the imagery is not left as temporary files on the users hard disk.  By combining both ECW compression and MIE encryption seamlessly, MapImagery Encryption provides an extremely useful solution for data and software vendors, wishing to distribute proprietary imagery, in a controlled way.

The initial version of MapImagery Encryption is packaged as a part of MapImagery.  A version of the MapImagery Encryption, packaged as a stand-alone product  may be produced in the future.  For more information, or to download a demonstration version of  MapImagery Encryption , see the MapImagery web page at

This document has the following sections:

Installation and Configuration
Opening MIE files in MapInfo Professional
MapImagery Encryption File Cutter
MapImagery Encryption Key Cutter
Obtaining Updates to the Software
How to Report Bugs and Obtain Support
Log of Changes between Versions
Licensing MapImagery Encryption