Save Current As Template


This dialog allows you to save the current algorithm as a template, which can be used in the Open Via Template function to combine new datasets with arbitarily complex algorithms.   A template file is an algorithm file with some additional meta data used by the application when using the template.

Dialog Snapshot

saveastemp.gif (9833 bytes)

Detailed Information

MapImagery comes with a range of pre-defined templates, however, this dialog alows you to save new templates into a user defined templates area.  The template files saved in this way are stored in a user specific folder.

Note that you must save template files into a sub-folder.   You can create a sub-folder using the Create New Folder button near the top left corner of the window.  Then double click on the folder before pressing Save.

The Merge Method parameter deturmines the behavior used to merge datasets, when you create a new algorithm with the Open Via Template function.