MapImagery Help
Welcome to the MapImagery on-line Help. This Help file provides the basic information you need to start using MapImagery.

MapImagery is an Image analysis plugin for MapInfo users. It brings to MapInfo users powerful image analysis tools, usually only available in a standalone professional imaging package.

MapImagery uses proven ER Mapper technology as a basis, so you can depend on its quality and strength. What this also provides is an upgrade path for power users, to the leading professional imaging product, ER Mapper. Compatibility with a whole range of free imaging plug-ins also makes it simple to integrate MapImagery into your organization wide GIS strategy.

There are two versions of MapImagery, A free version is shipped with ER Mapper 6.0 and on other ER Mapper CDROMS. The commercial version, MapImagery Professional, is enabled by the purchase of a software key, that activates additional features.

This document is divided into the following sections:

Installation and Configuration
Loading ER Mapper Algorithms into MapInfo
Loading Raster Images into MapInfo
Registering ER Mapper Algorithms and Images
Obtaining Updates to the Software
How to Report Bugs and Obtain Support
Log of Changes between Versions
Known Problems Current Version