MapImagery Professional Help
smallpro.jpg (23187 bytes)Welcome to the MapImagery Professional on-line Help. This Help file provides the basic information you need to start using MapImagery Professional.

MapImagery Professional is an image analysis and manipulation plugin for MapInfo.   It adds advanced imaging capabilities to MapInfo and other MapInfo based products.

MapImagery Professional is a superset of the free MapImagery product.  Both versions share the same download and installation.

The additional features of  MapImagery Professional can be activated by a software key, that can be downloaded automatically from the MapImagery web license server.

This document should be used in conjunction with the MapImagery Help, which documents the features that are shared by MapImagery and MapImagery Professional.

This document has the following sections:

Introduction to Algorithms -The algorithm concept is central to the use of MapImagery Professional
Navigation, Menus, Toolbars - Various navigation methods for navigating around the application
Open Image Via Template - How to open an image using a pre defined template algorithm
Edit Algorithm Elements - Tree view of the current algorithm also launch other editors
Edit Layers - Editing the attributes of layers and surfaces of the current algorithm
Edit Transforms - Contrast stretches and other spectral transformations on your imagery
Edit Filters - Previewing the effect of spatial filters on your imagery
Edit Formula -Applying arbitrary formula to your imagery
Edit Color Lookup - Previewing the effect of different Color Lookup tables on your imagery
Edit Algorithm Options - Editing options that effect the whole algorithm
View Algorithm Info - View algorithm information in a summarised form
Calculate Statistics - Calculate statistics for a dataset for use in formula
Save, SaveAs & Select  Algorithm - How to Save, Save As or change the currently selected algorithm.
Save Current Algorithm As Template - How to save the current algorithm as a template algorithm
Licensing MapImagery Professional - How to check license status, download and return licenses